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Special Taxi offers a wide range of special vehicles able to accomodate collapsible and fixed wheelchair.

The vehicles for the transport of passengers in wheelchairs are fitted with a ramp or a lifting device, located on the back of the vehicle, and is equipped with special safety belts. The driver will help you get on or off the vehicle. will endeavor to meet the needs of its customers.

Is essential, in this case, which inform us BEFORE the reservation in order to provide a suitable vehicle. Unless you provide this information, you must put available to a further means of transport, and this may lead the charge for additional expenses in the town.

You are greeted by the driver with a sign with your name on it, that will take you to the booked vehicle. Remember to bring your voucher and show the driver, otherwise the service might be rejected and we do not assume any liability in case of non submission of vouchers.

Contact the supplier of the service indicated in your voucher at least 24-48 hours prior to reconfirm your departure time.